Globalization: The Guilty Verdict

Golobalization as presently established Globalization’s unchecked failure. A research paper conducted by Joseph Gentile Globalization is the process through which organizations or corporations expand and develop internationally, while having far-reaching influences which span across the globe. Simply put, globalization affects nations far and wide while acting as a benchmark upon all industry in the developed … [Read more…]

Post-Storm: Local conditions are less dramatic than in the GTA, but question the safety of waterways

GREY AND BRUCE COUNTIES – The weather system of which brought 90 plus millimeters of rain, horrendous lake levels, and waves to the famous Toronto waterfront could have hit the Grey Bruce region harder and had an even greater, profound impact— if it were not for the scarcity of urban development and infrastructure in rural … [Read more…]

Potential for localized flooding as region prepares for “an additional 50-75 mm” says Grey Sauble

ENVIRONMENT CANADA has issued Rain Fall Warnings for much of Southern Ontario, including Grey Sauble watersheds. Our region is on the northern edge of this system and rainfall Thursday night and into Friday morning has been variable with some of our southern watersheds receiving up to 20 mm and our northern watersheds seeing traces of … [Read more…]

Sauble a Media Celebrity: Concerns over parking brewing

Photo Courtesy of Instagram MUNICIPALITY OF SOUTH BRUCE PENINSULA - The seasonal town of Sauble Beach, within the Municipality of South Bruce Peninsula, awoke to a surprise Monday Morning. Many took to the media staple “Instagram”, Monday, to boast about the beauty of their town online, in front of the rest of the world. A photo of ... [Read more...]

Can the Bruce Peninsula stay ‘dark’? The last true piece of nature remaining in Ontario rests in our grip.

I was recently reading an on-line article published on What stuck as most interesting was the fact that roughly 20 North American researchers banded together in order to create a simple, yet very insightful, visual map depicting human and human-related impact on the Great Lakes. Visually, the map distinguishes each of the five lakes and … [Read more…]