Sauble a Media Celebrity: Concerns over parking brewing

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Photo Courtesy of Instagram

MUNICIPALITY OF SOUTH BRUCE PENINSULA – The seasonal town of Sauble Beach, within the Municipality of South Bruce Peninsula, awoke to a surprise Monday Morning.

Many took to the media staple “Instagram”, Monday, to boast about the beauty of their town online, in front of the rest of the world.

A photo of the moon-lit beach went viral on a popular Instagram page which has roughly 2.6 million followers. The photo itself received over 19,000 likes within the first five hours of being posted. It now has just fewer than 47,000 likes.

The photo was taken by a Canadian photographer and showcases a supersized, full moon hovering over the shimmering Lake Huron waters, two surfer silhouettes, golden hued sand, and a truck plowing through the shallow waterway emptying into the large lake.

Among the hundreds of comments, individuals as far as Mumbai, India and Costa Rica expressed their amazement and disbelief over the photograph.

A few Canadians took to the comment section also, discussing their love for the beach and summer plans. However, some are concerned over not so much the amount of publicity gained within a short time-frame, but more so the type of attention being drawn.

Sifting through the hundreds of comments, a handful of Instagram users are surprised that a beach in Canada allows members of the public to park and drive their vehicles on the beach.

“You can drive your car on the beach… It’s actually a parking lot in the summer… I don’t think they (sic) worry too much (about the environmental quality of the beach). This truck isn’t actually in the water… The cars park farther up the beach” proclaims a user.

“Car in the water?! Really?” one writes. “What about nature protection, (sic) pollution free biodiversity?” says another.

Indeed, this is certainly not the advertising Sauble Beach is known for.

A message has been sent to the account administrator asking why there was interest in showcasing Sauble Beach. There has been no answer.

Joseph Gentile – Editor and freelancer,